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Ohanna AI transforms managing conventional processes in the warehousing and storage industry by empowering managers and workers with data-driven analytic insights provided by the Ohanna platform.

Our customers are small to medium-sized warehouses that rely heavily on human resources and conventional processes. There is no limit on the type of warehouse or systems in place. We can adjust to specific requirements of different warehouses and integrate with any system in place.

An ecosystem of applications (mobile applications for workers and web applications for managers) is designed. By using the application, warehouse workers can significantly benefit from communication, issue reporting, personalized feedback and optimized tasks aligned with their capabilities, interests and goals.
Managers can have full end-to-end visibility of warehouse operations and make better data-driven decisions (better managing the warehouse) using the Ohanna platform.

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Ohanna is the only solution that gives you true end-to-end, real-time visibility. We help you visualize the performance, bottlenecks and real-time status of conventional operations in every warehouse corner. No more unsolved issues, no more surprises and siloed unused data… just agility, efficiency and full visibility.
Determine warehouse productivity by the hour, shift in real-time, and immediately identify any productivity dips.

Real-Time Issue and Incident Management

Real-Time Issue and Incident Management

See every issue and incidents reported on every corner of the warehouse with a real-time visibility platform.
Operation and Performance Management

Operation and Performance Management

The only mgt solution with real-time visibility of different conventional processes and operations from receiving to put away, from picking to shipping, finding the bottlenecks considering available resources and workloads with integrated system management.
Workforce Turnover Management

Workforce Turnover Management

Go beyond tracking workforce churn with the only solution that combines personal data, performance data and collaboration data to give you better visibility on workforce activities going downward and the chance of workers leaving the warehouse.
Data-Driven Personalized Feedback Management

Data-Driven Personalized Feedback Management

Let employees have clear job performance expectations by providing constant systematic feedback and performance improvement recommendations on a personalized level.


Real-Time Warehouse Visibility Drives Real Value

Unlock improvements across your business. From better customer service and complete granular visibility to improved planning and collaboration, we help you deliver actual results.

Add ons and upgrades.

Fully cloud-hosted solution with the latest security and privacy practices.

Smooth Integration between any tech stacks by our dedicated team of experts.

Connecting Ohanna to already in use software and applications to bring ease of access to work.

Content selection from a wide range of industry-standard training based on your priorities and needs.

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